Friday, February 13, 2015

Love That's Gone Away

Your amazing in many different ways

Just to show you i'd spend all my days

When u smile my world stops around you

Just to let you know you are one in few

My heart is mealting Knees weak


Palms sweating

Heart racing

Breath panting

Why cant we start over again

Ill wait for u

Better yet ill hold you

Dont tell me I played my cards wrong

Waited too long

Every word I know

In my head telling me to go

Every song reminds me

This isnt how I wanted things to be

What happend to us?

Things were going fine not rushed

Then you changed

Up and lefted

I guess it was just me who felt this way


my eyes are wicked

they do not see light

my say is wrong

it hears only cries

my heart is cold

in my chest there's no soul

in my chest there is only a hole

i walk in vain

for there can be none that are insane
they say there is hope

that the strong will rise

but in me i see none with a prize

so then what is the prize for the hope of man kind?

what then is the eyes of the blind?

Monday, March 18, 2013

~ ThIs GuY ~


 Handsome Greaser
There's no use wasting my time on a single gasp,
When the smile that i mezmorize may not like me back
Its so hard when i stop and think,
How this could end in a single blink
When i go back to a memory,
Tell me why it lasts centuries
All that's left is to hope
That i won't end up a joke
For a fool's love is gold
Its things like this i was told
Not to fold on the sight of weakness
But to hold till you reach the deepest.
-hopelessly in love


I heard this great line that started "on this day"
The Great Promise
I promise
To love you all yours days
To be your lifelong partner, cherish
all the vows we made
To be your shelter in a storm,
the wind beneath your wings
To be the one who understands
and shares all life may bring
To spend my days by your side,
walking hand in hand with you
To share the beauty of the world,
sunny days and skies of blue
as we begin our beautiful journey together
I promise from the start
To carry all your love with me
forever in my heart.

Judith Bulock

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Moon

The moon shines
As the night crawls in..

The moon is up
Showing its grin

You try your luck
As you seek a thrill

The moon stands still
As you go up that hill

Thursday, October 18, 2012

LOVE IS . . .

Why do people believe that they must hit the bottom in order to get up
Isnt the bottom the part of no hope?
Why do people put themselves out there just to get hurt?
The worst part though is not putting yourself out there..

Isnt it? because then you'll know for sure rather than think what if..

Love is strong
Love is blind
But who must you love when all seek revenge?
Who can you trust when they all want your head?

Love is kind
Love is trust
But who must you love when all is unfair?
Who can you love when all mislead you?

Love is forgiving
Love sees no weakness
But who must you love when all dont forget?
When all see you as weak?

I toss and turn
As things bottle my mind
When all answers I cannot find
When I see hate
When I see dead
Where is the beauty in that?
Must I see love in the flaws of murder?
Must I see love in the pools of dead?
Must I see the love in the ones who cause greif and pain?
Love is confusing
But love is also swoothing

I will slave for love.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Finding a world worth dying for...

How would you find a world when its at war?
Bodies washing up at shore
If that world is here
But i see..... its near
But still not clear

I cheer for better days
A time with no waits
And the future wouldnt be such a haze
A world to be amazed
With many ways
Where the sun give its rays
Its blaze
That on us is a glaze
Im at a daze

Thinking about that day
What i would say
What i would pay
For it to be a better day
But i've gone a stray
To see this day
Of hate
And pain
Only sorrow
To look for in the day of tomorrow